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Web & Mobile App Development

Web & Mobile App Development

Our dedicated app developers have been specializing in data monetization for over 20 years and developing iOS and android applications since its inception. Also, staying current on all of the methodologies and technologies needed to develop everything from simple websites to progressive web and mobile apps, which is the new standardization that all native applications are moving towards.


Major companies like, Facebook, Twitter, The HuffPost etc. are tired of spending millions of dollars each year being forced to update their applications because Apple and Google updated their operating systems or launched a new product. With progressive web and mobile apps, your application will be compatible across all devices, all browsers, no matter how old or new.


Our highly skilled developers will create a shortcut on the mobile phone just like a native application would, but instead of taking up hundreds of megabytes, it would only be 6-12 kilobytes. Using this method will free up space for videos, pictures and music. Also, on average, progressive web and mobile applications run 30% faster and are more versatile than most applications. Your customers will be able to download it directly from your website. They will get one experience across all of their devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.